Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Canyon Meadow Marathon Report

June 3rd, 2010 - There are plenty of marathon reports on blogs and honestly, they mostly do a better job than I could of describing the race. But to give some basic information, my training had been a little weak this spring, but a couple of heal and ankle minor injuries had cleared up and I was feeling better. The previous weekend (Memorial Day)  I had been visiting my parents in Chicago and had planned to run the Madison Wisconsin Marathon. It was the start of a very hot summer and with the high temperatures and humidity forecast, they cancelled the full marathon. I still went and had a decent half marathon run. But with only 2 marathons completed in 2012 so far, I decided to look for another race the following weekend.

 I checked the Coastal Trails schedule and they had their semi-annual Canyon Meadow run, which was new to me (one of my criteria) and not too hilly (another criteria) and less than an hour from my home - perfect, so I signed up.
Views from the top of the hills

I hadn't been doing much hill and even less trail running, so my expectations weren't high. I also had spent the previous two days driving from the North Bay to Los Angeles and back to pick my daughter up from college. I got up early and drove out to Oakland and the weather and the park were beautiful. I got to briefly meet the amazing Yolanda Holder who was race walking this marathon the day after completing the very difficult Mt. Diablo marathon on the previous day.
One of my favorite running photos... a lucky shot.

Not a great day, but it really went as well as I expected. I think I ran/walked the first loop in about 2:10 and then I added another 10 minutes on the second loop and finished in 4:30. It goes in my books as my 62nd marathon/ultra.

I brought my camera, but ended up not taking too many photos. One, because I was exhausted, but also because there weren't as many vistas as I had expected. Most of the trail was running through forest and trees, which is nice, but difficult for a novice photographer to take a picture. Especially while I'm running.
One of the few spots where the trail was wide and level.

 As always, Wendell and the Coastal Trail group was well-organized and put on another great race. I'm looking forward to doing a few more with them later this year. Hopefully I'll be in better shape for some hill climbing!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

California Marathon Schedule

Date Marathon Size Completed
1/7/12 Crystal Springs Trail Marathon (Woodside) Small
1/6/13 Camarillo Marathon Medium
1/20/13 Redding Marathon Medium 2008
1/27/13 Carlsbad Marathon Large
1/28/12 Steep Ravine Trail Marathon (Stinson Beach) Small
2/2/13 Death Valley Borax Marathon Small 2005
2/3/13 Surf City USA Marathon (Huntington Beach) Large 2010
2/11/12 Golden Gate Trail Marathon (Rodeo Beach) Small
2/11/12 The Majestic Marathon (Long Beach) Small
2/13/13 San Miguel Buzz Marathon Small
2/25/12 Marathon Extravaganza (Long Beach) Small
2/26/12 La Jolla Canyon Trail Marathon (Malibu) Small
3/3/12 Montara Mountain Trail Marathon (Pacifica) Small
3/3/13 Napa Valley Marathon Large 2011
3/9/13 Catalina Marathon Medium
3/17/12 Canyon Meadow Trail Marathon (Oakland) Small
3/17/13 Los Angeles Marathon Very Large 2012
3/23/13 Napa Valley Trail Marathon Small
3/24/13 Modesto Marathon Medium
3/24/12 Spring Break Marathon (Long Beach) Small
3/24/13 Oakland Marathon Running Festival Large 2011
3/25/12 River City Marathon (Sacramento) Small
3/31/12 Diamond Valley Lake Challenge (Hemet) Small
4/6/13 Grizzly Peak Trail Marathon (Berkeley) Small
4/6/13 Easter Marathon (Long Beach) Small
4/6/13 Golden Gate Headlands Marathon (Sausalito) Small
4/13/13 Muir Woods Trail Marathon (Stinson Beach) Small
4/21/13 San Luis Obispo Marathon Medium
4/22/12 Auburn Marathon Medium
4/28/12 Folsom Lake Trail Marathon Small
4/28/13 Big Sur Marathon Large 2012
4/29/12 Beachin' Marathon (Long Beach) Small
5/5/12 Wild Wild West Marathon (Lone Pine) Small
5/5/12 Western Pacific Marathon (Fremont) Small
5/6/12 Avenue of the Giants Marathon (Eureka) Large 2008
5/6/12 OC Marathon (Newport Beach) Very Large
5/12/12 Cinderella Trail Marathon (Oakland) Small
5/12/12 Jenkinson Lake Marathon (Pollack Pines) Small
5/13/13 Surfer's Path Marathon (Santa Cruz) Small
5/19/12 Horseshoe Lake Trail Marathon (Palo Alto) Small
5/20/12 Pasadena Marathon Large
5/27/12 California Run Festival Marathon (Vacaville) Small
6/2/12 Forest of Nisene Marks Marathon (Aptos) Small
6/3/12 Canyon Meadow Trail Marathon (Oakland) Small 2012
6/3/12 Rock 'n' Roll Marathon (San Diego) Very Large 2005
6/3/12 Ojai 2 Ocean Marathon Medium
6/10/12 Skyline to the Sea Marathon (Los Gatos) Small 2008
6/16/12 Pacifica Foothills Trail Marathon Small
6/17/12 Burton Creek Trail Marathon (Tahoe City) Small
6/23/12 San Lorenzo River Trail Marathon  (Santa Cruz) Small
6/23/12 Ocean Breeze Marathon (Long Beach) Small
7/8/12 Fun in the Sun Marathon (Long Beach) Small
7/14/12 Golden Gate Trail Marathon (Rodeo Beach) Small
7/22/12 Ocean Blast Marathon (Long Beach) Small
7/28/12 Seashore Marathon (Long Beach) Small
7/29/12 San Francisco Marathon Very Large 2011
7/30/12 Tracy's Fat Ass (San Francisco) Small
8/5/12 Steep Ravine Trail Marathon (Stinson Beach) Small
8/11/12 Crystal Springs Trail Marathon (Woodside) Small
8/18/12 Cinderella Trail Marathon (Oakland) Small
8/18/12 Running with the Bears (Greenville) Small
8/19/12 Summer Showdown Marathon (Long Beach) Small
8/26/12 Santa Rosa Marathon Medium 2009
9/1/12 Coyote Ridge Trail Marathon (Muir Beach) Small
9/15/12 Diablo Trail Marathon (Clayton) Small 2010
9/16/12 Norcal Marathon (San Jose) Medium
9/22/12 Sierra Nevada Endurance Trail Marathon (Granite Bay) Small
9/23/12 Half Moon Bay International Marathon Medium 2011
9/28/12 Emerald Bay Marathon (Tahoe - 1st of Triple) Medium
9/29/12 Cal-Nevada Marathon (Tahoe - 2nd of Triple) Medium
9/29/12 Leona Valley Trail Races Marathon (Lake Hughes) Small
9/29/12 Big Sur Trail Marathon Small
9/29/12 Beach Blast Marathon (Long Beach) Small
9/30/12 Lake Tahoe Marathon (3rd of Triple) Large
10/7/12 Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon (Susanville) Medium
10/7/12 Long Beach International City Marathon Very Large 2010
10/13/12 Horseshoe Lake Trail Marathon (Palo Alto) Small
10/13/12 Golden Hills Marathon (Lake Chabot) Small 2006
10/14/12 Nike Women's Marathon (San Francisco) Large
10/14/12 Wine Country Marathon (Healdsburg) Medium 2008
10/14/12 Briones Crest Trail Marathon (Martinez) Small
10/21/12 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon (Weott) Medium
10/21/12 Hercules Marathon (Long Beach) Small
10/21/12 Cloverdale Harvest Marathon Small
10/27/12 Napa Wine Country Marathon Small
10/28/12 Morgan Hill Marathon Medium 2010
10/28/12 Paso Robles Harvest Marathon Medium 2011
10/28/12 Folson Lake Trail Run Marathon Small
11/3/12 Lake Chabot Trail Marathon (Castro Valley) Small
11/3/12 Stinson Beach Marathon Small 2007
11/4/12 Two Cities Marathon (Fresno) Large 2009
11/4/12 Almond Bowl Marathon (Chico) Small
11/4/12 Santa Clarita Marathon Medium
11/10/12 Santa Barbara Marathon Medium
11/10/12 Catalina Eco Marathon Medium 2011
11/11/12 Malibu International Marathon Medium
11/25/12 Gladiator Marathon (Long Beach) Small
12/1/12 Death Valley Trail Marathon Small
12/1/12 North Face Endurance Challenge (Sausalito) Medium
12/2/12 California International Marathon (Sacramento) Large 2011
12/8/12 Coyote Ridge Trail Marathon (Muir Beach) Small
12/15/12 Bay Trail Run Marathon  (Palo Alto) Small
12/23/12 Reindeer Run Marathon (Long Beach) Small
12/26/12 Operation Jack Marathon (Los Angeles) Small

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